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Words From My Clients

"Elizabeth was amazing! Prior to birth, she always responded to my texts quickly and offered so much emotional support. When it came time for labor, Elizabeth was the perfect fit for us. She showed my husband ways of offering counter pressure, and she gave helpful suggestions for coping through contractions. She brought supplies that came in very handy (like a hand held fan when I was very hot) and she was a calming presence throughout our birth. She took priceless photos and videos of our birth that I cherish so much! I would absolutely recommend Elizabeth to anyone looking for a doula!"


“Oh my goodness! I absolutely love you! You always answer every single one of my questions and always make me feel so much better! I can't express to you how much you have helped me out throughout this pregnancy with your answers to my crazy questions.”


"During my second pregnancy, I found myself bragging to others about the wonderful doula I had as a support. Elizabeth brings a calming, positive and easy-going energy into the room. She is confident in her role and has the necessary experience to support not only the individual giving birth, but also the support person in the room. I did not know what to expect from Elizabeth as a doula in terms of the actual support to be offered when the time for labor came- I thought that things would go smoothly and that for the most part it would be to help my husband be present in the experience. BUT… every pregnancy is different, and so is every labor. Elizabeth was a huge support to me during my induction by supporting with various positions to help the baby move, ensuring I was changing positions every 30 minutes, providing additional information related to options presented by hospital staff to speed up labor, and being there for my husband to talk to as he was experiencing his own emotions related to the induction. The hospital staff were happy with the knowledge Elizabeth brought and that I was often already in a position they would recommend, which made their jobs easier and allowed them to focus on other aspects of my care. And once the contractions really started coming, Elizabeth was right there to coach me through them (my husband was, too, but he couldn’t focus on the coaching piece as well as she could). She even helped capture some of the first moments with my son! In terms of postpartum care, she was the first person to hear my birth story (even though she was there for it) and listened to me share my experience of recovery. The emotional trauma would have been far greater for my husband and I if it were not for the support we got from Elizabeth. My husband and I agree that we want Elizabeth to come back as our doula for baby number 3!”


"Elizabeth was my doula for the birth of my baby boy in October (2021). I could not have asked for more amazing support or guidance through my intense experience with labor and delivery. Because she was there, my husband was never left wondering what to do to help me. She was there to help me make tough decisions about my birth plan when things weren’t going the way I prepared for and was there by my side through everything that goes along with an emergency c-section. I am so grateful for her care and expertise and we would have been lost without her."


"Hiring Elizabeth as my doula was the best decision I made during my pregnancy! She has a peaceful presence and is extremely friendly. As a first time mom, I was very apprehensive about labor. After meeting with Elizabeth, I felt calm about going into delivery since I felt informed about the process and knew I had a great support person beside me. She went over all the possible medical decisions I would need to make, laboring positions and techniques, and how my husband could support me. Elizabeth made my birth experience smooth and was there to help in any way I needed. I truly believe my delivery progressed faster because of the advice and assistance from Elizabeth."


"Elizabeth was the calming energy I needed during labor. She helped me use spinning babies techniques to get baby into a better position, and helped to keep me motivated while I pushed baby out over 4 hours. Being in labor so long it was great to have her be a constant during all the nurse shift changes, and for an experience that was not going according to how I’d hoped or what I originally planned for. She made me feel confident and reassured during the entire thing. Her comfort and guiding voice is what helped me still have a positive birth experience. Best thing I did in my pregnancy was hire her! And I’d do it again."


"Elizabeth is an outstanding doula and all around wonderful person.

We were supported by a doula during the birth of our first son, and we knew we wanted to have a doula to support us for my second birth. Elizabeth was immediately our person. She was warm and knowledgeable, and flexible, accommodating, and understanding of the experience that we wanted. Our prenatal visits were just as comfortable and Elizabeth calibrated the information for us very well, reminding us of specifics that had gotten fuzzy as second-time parents. We felt confident about our plans for having another successful delivery. Well, our plans never materialized, due to my son being found in breech position after my water had broken. I was immediately scheduled for a c-section that would take place 5 hours later. At this point, my husband and I were wondering if it was worth it for Elizabeth to come out since I wouldn’t actually be laboring. She still decided to come. Elizabeth arrived, heard all of my fears, concerns, and sadness, and gave me some insight into a “soft” c-section that can still include baby friendly practices. She also put my mind at ease about the c-section process, took pictures of us before we went into the operating room, and stayed through my surgery. My son was taken to the nursery to get examined and tested, and Elizabeth waited with me and listened to my experience of this birth that was completely different from my first one. Once my husband and son returned, Elizabeth took amazing photos of us in the post-op room, having our first moments together. She stayed up all night and knew just the things to say to make me feel better. I absolutely needed her there. Elizabeth came to our house for a postnatal visit and took more lovely pictures of us all together as a family of four. She asked specifically how my post-op recovery was going and how breastfeeding was progressing, and she listened to our 5-year-old talk her ear off. She’s fundamental to our birth story, and I’m so very grateful."


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