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Registry Suggestions

Not sure what to include on your registry? Overwhelmed by ALL the options and lists out there? Here are the favorites of a mom and doula to get you started.

These product descriptions are my own review of the product. Click on each product name to be directed to Amazon. If you order using my link I will earn a small commission as part of the Amazon Associates Program. Read more in my disclaimer here.


Hatch Rest or Rest+ (2nd Gen)

This sound machine has so many functions to help your baby (and toddler!) sleep better. It includes a multitude of white noise options, lullabies/music, a nightlight, clock, and time-to-rise function to teach your older baby when it's time to wake up. All of this can be controlled from your phone through the handy Hatch app! The Rest+ option also has a chargeable battery and wireless base for portable use and more neat functions.


This awesome fan pulls double duty, or maybe even triple! A lot of folks don't realize how HOT labor is. Even in a freezing hospital room, it can heat up quick. This fan is great to mount to the hospital bed or use the tripod to sit on a table. It's also perfect for wrapping on the handle of an infant car seat, mounting to the stroller for outdoor walks, or attaching to a car head rest. Babies don't have the ability to regulate their body temperature early on so it's important to keep them cool.


This is different than the traditional swaddle and even the newer velcro swaddles too. Babies are predisposed to have their hands up by their face, it is soothing. They are often uncomfortable when swaddled with their arms tucked in. Enter the Swaddle Up! This genius design allows babies to keep their hands by their face while also providing the secure tightness to keep their startle reflex in check. This was my son's favorite and a total game-changer for sleep.


This travel system has everything you need to get your baby around! The collection comes with the B-Safe Gen2 car seat, it's corresponding base, the B-Lively stroller, and Click & Go adapters. What I love about this specific car seat is that it does not have harmful chemical flame retardants in the fabric. You can read more about the importance of non-toxic car seats here.


This diaper cream spatula is truly a necessity. It seems silly to need one more thing for a diaper change, but let me tell you...diaper cream can be gross. The best creams out there now have zinc oxide in them which is great for baby's bottom, but can be awful to have stuck under your nails and will leave a stain if you accidentally get it on clothing or other fabric. The Bumco Diaper Cream Spatula keeps everything more sanitary and is much easier to clean. And it comes with a cased mini one too!


The haakaa is an absolute lifesaver! Especially if you're like me and end up hating pumping. Did you know that you always have a letdown on both sides at the same time when breastfeeding? The haakaa is simply suctioned to the breast and catches the letdown on the opposite breast while babe is nursing. Catch that liquid gold and then remember to put the lid on it so it doesn't spill!

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